Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe

Playtrix is located at the first floor of Race Course Grand Stand, right next to KFC outlet. We liked the ambience there.



Pooris is a home based restaurant in Colombo. As the name states, they are specialized in Puri, and a range of curries including Paneer, Butter chicken, Kuruma, and Aloo etc.

Caffe Vita

If you are at Majestic City, and looking for sandwiches, this place can be recommended.

The Sandwich Factory

TSF is not the most affordable place, but they have got some good sandwiches.

Thai Express

A Sri Lankan food court cannot be rightfully called so if they do not have a Thai Express outlet in it.

Chinese Chef

Chinese Chef is a new face in Liberty Plaza food court, and is very popular among Chinese and Korean customers.

Avirate Cafe

Avirate is a tiny cafe at Maitland Crescent, next to their high-end clothing store. I have been there couple of times, and I quite like it.

Acropol Restaurant

Acropol Restaurant is a small restaurant located at Kollupitiya. They are known for their delicious Shawarmas.

The Commons

The cozy environment at Commons, with comfy sofas and bean bags will make you feel homey.

Elite Indian Restaurant

Elite Indian Restaurant may not serve the most authentic version of North Indian food, but definitely they have the cheapest food.