Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe

Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe is one of the finest sports bars that you can visit. They’ve been around for couple of years, and I was super excited about them after all the positive comments I heard. My visit to this place happened as a result of winning a voucher. It was gloomy Friday evening of a hectic week, which I really needed to blow off some steam with some fine Vodka in my hand.



Playtrix is located at the first floor of Race Course Grand Stand, right next to KFC outlet. We liked the ambience there. The comfortable carpets with colourful cushion sofas, and HD televisions to watch different sports give the perfect glimpse of a sports bar. Even if the sports don’t interest you, it doesn’t matter since they play some good music.

The Drinks

The food menu at Playtrix is quite limited with few appetizers and main courses and we were surprised to hear that most of them are not available on a Friday evening. The bar menu is pretty good. Apart from the usual, they’ve got some nice Belgium beer and also cocktails.


The Dry Martini (Rs.1000) we ordered was alright. It was the combination of Gorden dry gin and Martini vermouth in its perfect balance. It was slightly sour as it was garnished with a lime twist, and we liked it. But sadly, it didn’t have any olives.


The Barmen Special was the bomb. It was made with Smirnoff and orange juice, which gives the orangey color to it. I really liked the fact that they had used real orange juice, instead of sunquick. It was sour and sweet at the same time, which worked quite well with the Smirnoff. But does it really worth for Rs.1500? No, not really.


This is where everything went wrong. It was around 5.45 in the evening when we visit them, and we were surprised to see that the place was almost empty. There were couple of guys chatting in the corner table, but they left after few minutes of our arrival. Afterwards there were only us; me and my friend except for the foreign customer who was sitting at the bar. He looked like a regular to this place.

We were checking the menu, and the staff informed that they won’t be able to serve some of the items in it. They actually marked them out for us, which was quite helpful. So we ordered a Grilled chicken dish and Buffalo wings, at the same time we ordered the drinks.

We got our drinks within around 20 minutes, but our food didn’t. An hour passed by, and still no food. After a few more minutes, a staff member came to us and informed that they won’t be serving grilled chicken as well. Since they had not any other interesting options, we settled for a Giggsy Burger. At 7.30pm they said that it will take like another hour since they have ran out of gas and chicken. So we cancelled our food order and opted for two 25ml shots of Gold Label (Rs.800 each).

After hours of waiting we were utterly disappointed. According to what we heard from the restaurant manager, this place gets crowded only after 8.00pm, which is not an excuse for the negative experience we had in here. They were not prepared at all, even it was a Friday night. He asked whether we can pay for the drinks, so we can use the voucher later, but we passed.



Playtrix seem to have a great vibe, but too bad we didn’t get the chance to enjoy it. They are tad pricey as well, so you might want to check your wallet before you visit.
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