Mabroc Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea took Colombo by a storm. Now there are five places (Bubble Me Bubble Tea, Bubblesious, Bubblelement, Which Way West, Mabroc Bubble Tea) that gives the bubbly fun. So this is what we thought of Mabroc, the cheapest bubble tea in the city.



Mabroc Bubble Tea is located at the food court of Liberty Plaza. This is a tiny place that can fit around ten people at once. Everything here is bubbly, even the wall glass decorations. Only issue here is the music. Sometimes they play it so loud, which is annoying.

The Bubble Tea

Mabroc serves six types of bubble teas. They are Bubble Classics (Hot and Cold), Bubble Fruiteas, Bubble Snow, Bubble Shakes, Bubble Herbyz and Bubble Cubs. We tried the Grape and Berry Tea, Lychee Black Tea, Dark Chocolatea, and Lychee and Rose Tea.


Grape and Berry Tea with red popping bubbles was good. What we mostly got was the grape taste, but we liked it.


The Lychee Black Tea had a strong taste of Lychee. It was not too sweet, and was fun to drink with red popping bubbles.


Lychee and Rose Tea was delicious. It did not felt like we were drinking a tea, but it is quite nice. If you are a falooda lover, this is just the one for you. We really felt the taste of Rose in this.


The Dark Chocolatea was alright. But more milkiness would have made it better. The black chewing bubbles made a fine combination to it.



The service at Mabroc can get delayed if it is crowded. But other than that, the staff is friendly, and they really help to choose the best bubble tea according to our preference.



Mabroc is not the best bubble tea parlour in Colombo, but certainly they are the most affordable. A large cup costs only Rs.360, which is a pocket friendly way of beating the heat.


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