Pooris is a home based restaurant in Colombo. As the name states, they are specialized in Puri, and a range of curries including  Paneer, Butter chicken, Kuruma, and Aloo etc. You can catch them at Good market, and also at food festivals.

The Pooris

We tried the Puri with two curries; Chicken and Veg Kuruma.


We loved their Puris. They were light, fluffy and not too oily at all. The chicken curry had a thick gravy, and was well-spiced. This gravy, with its juicy, firm chicken pieces made a perfect combination with the Puris.


The Veg Kuruma curry was delicious as well. You can really taste the spices in this. If you are a vegetarian, this is just the curry for you.



I have met these guys couple of times at Food Festival, and I had the nicest service. They were friendly, and they serve these delicious Puris fresh out from the pan.



Puris are perhaps one of the most well-known Indian food, and you can totally count on Pooris for some tantalizing Puris. They also does several Indian snacks including Naan, Samosa, and Idli etc. For more details, you can always talk to them on  077 949 4425.


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