Snow Monkey

The Snow Cups are finally here! You can get them from Snow Monkey, a place dedicated for Snow Cups.



Snow Monkey is a small place down St.Anthony’s Road, Kollupitiya. Even though they lack space, they have a nice ambience with creatively decorated walls.

The Snow Cups

Well, basically this is crushed ice topped with flavoured sugar syrup. They have 6 flavours, and if you like you can get the mixed too. We opted for a Black – Rose and a Passion Fruit – Lime.


The Passion Fruit – Lime was simply delightful. It was sweet because of the passion fruit flavour and the lime added the slight sourness to balance with it.


If you like the falooda taste, you will definitely like this. It contained Rose and Black Current flavours which is a quite well combination.

Instead of eating the ice if you can wait for the ice to melt and sip it through the straw, it is just so refreshing. It is like a treat on a hot day (which is almost everyday in Sri Lanka).



These delicious snow cups are served by the two of the nicest guys you will ever meet. They are really friendly, and you can doubtlessly take their recommendation to choose the best flavours.


Each and every snow cup here cost less than Rs.200, so this can be given as a pocket friendly way of beating the heat.


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