The Sandwich Factory

The Sandwich Factory (TSF) is a restaurant at Palm Grove, Kollupitiya. It does not just deal with sandwiches. They also dishes out a range of tacos, burgers, submarines and wraps as well. I dropped in here for a late lunch with a friend of mine.



The interior design of TSF reminded me of an American Diner in the 50s. The floor was covered with white and black tiles, and the walls were decorated with retro-like pictures.


The jukebox at the corner played some classic music. They also have an open backyard dedicated for children.

Food and Drinks

I ordered a Trim Chicken sandwich with an Ice cream soda, while my friend opted for a God Father Sandwich and a Shirley Temple.


The filling inside Trim Chicken sandwich was rich with smoked chicken, which was fresh and delicious. It was slightly spicy because of the pepper on it, which I liked. It also contained lettuce, onions, tomato and a layer of mayonnaise.


The Godfather Sandwich was truly exquisite. It had a generous filling of juicy Pepperoni and Salami , onions, two layers of cheese and lettuce. It was slightly dry, but we loved it.


Ice Cream soda was a combination of vanilla ice cream and cream soda. It tasted good, and we enjoyed it.


They use 7Up and grenadine to make the Shirley Temple. It was okay, but does it worth for Rs.310? No, not really.


At the end of our meal we wanted a try a chicken taco, so we ordered one. It was a huge disappointment in comparison to the meal we just had.


Instead of a taco shell, they have used some saggy rotti like a paratha. We felt worse when we saw the filling. It had cheese, but the rest was just peppered tomato and lettuce. We barely got to taste the chicken in it.


The service at TSF is good. The staff is friendly and you can count on them when choosing the best food that goes with your appetite. They serve the food fast, which is again a plus point.


TSF is not the most affordable place, but they are not that pricey either. They also charge you for service and taxes, so you might want to check your wallet twice.

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