Thai Express

Thai Express is a very common sight in Colombo food courts. They serve rice specialties and some good Kottu. This review particularly goes to the outlet at Majestic City.

The Food

We opted for a Chicken Kottu, and a Chicken Nasi goreng.


I have always been a fan of the Chicken curry at Thai Express. It is crispy, not too oily, but saucy. The Nasi goreng comes with a piece of that chicken, batter fried prawn, chop suey, an omlette, and some chili paste. The rice was not too oily, and was properly seasoned.


The batter fried prawn was a total disappointment. It was mostly batter, and inside that there was a teeny tiny prawn. The chop suey was just few pieces of boiled carrots and cabbage, which was another let down. Their omelette was so thin, and we felt like eating a piece of paper.


Kudos to the Chicken kottu at Thai Express. It was slightly different from the usual Kottu we can get from Pilawoos like places, since it had more vegetables. It was oily, but we did not mind. It had plenty of big chicken pieces, and you can ask them to make it more spicy if you want.


Service is always good at Thai Express. They get lots of customers, but they manage to serve the food quickly.


In comparison to the other restaurants in Majestic food court, Thai Express’s prices are tad low. Their food was fine, and a Sri Lankan food court cannot be rightfully called so if they do not have a Thai Express outlet in it.

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