Grand Solis Restaurant can be called as a near legend in Colombo, which is dated back to 60s. This review only applies to their fast food outlet at Koswatta junction.



We dropped in to this place on a weekday evening to grab a quick bite. The atmosphere at Solis is fine, and the stone arch inside the restaurant has added a proud look to the interior of the building.

The Food

Solis serves a range of short-eats and cake items. Among them, we chose a Chicken burger, Sausage pastry and a Beef bun.


The Chicken burger was nothing else but a disappointment. The bun was so rough and dry, and the piece of fried chicken inside made it worse. I do not know how long has it been there. It tasted that old. We poured sauce into it and tried, but still it tasted horrible.


The curry beef filling in the Beef bun was fine, but again the bun was bad as the chicken burgers’. Even it was stale, it was eatable with some sauce.


We did not like the Sausage pastry either. Same as the other two items, it was dry and tasted old.

Since the short-eats here totally ruined our meal, we thought we should give a shot for their cakes. Not everything here can be bad right? But unfortunately the answer is No. They were bad as well.


This is the Royal gateau at Solis. It looked fancy (even though this photo is bad), but I could not believe that I paid Rs.140 for an awful piece of cake like this. Usually a gateau supposed to have fruits on top, but here it was just a layer of jam; a jam that tastes so horrible which made me feel like throwing up. The cake was just colours and sugar, nothing else.


Our experience with the Chocolate Ramba went the same way. This one was so dense, I almost felt like I’m eating a sofa. Frankly, it was a lump of sugar slightly covered with a chocolate flavour.


There is nothing much to be mentioned about the service here. You just have to place the order from the counter and collect your food. Basically, it is self service.


Solis is affordable, but their food is just terrible. Will I ever go back? Well, no. Not in this lifetime!

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