Avirate Cafe

Avirate is a tiny cafe at Maitland Crescent, next to their high-end clothing store. I have been there couple of times, and I quite like it.


Avirate is a well-maintained, tidy cafe with limited seating space. You can enjoy a fine snack within that cozy environment.

Food and Drinks

Sandwiches, Burgers, Paninis are the main items on their food menu. As for drinks they have got milkshakes, coffees and teas. They are known for their amazing frozen yogurts.


I have tried the Chicken Panini at Avirate, and I must say that it had a really nice filling. The curry chicken inside it was juicy, but firm and was very well spiced. The bun was really soft, and crunchy from the outside.


The milkshakes here are a treat for a hot day (which is almost every day in Sri Lanka). I tried both Vanilla and Chocolate milkshakes, and I just loved its creaminess.


Each of them were topped with whipping cream and the chocolate one was garnished with chocolate syrup. The Vanilla milkshake had caramel syrup on it. For Rs.380, you get a big glass of milkshake, and they worth every single rupee.


The word has it right; the Frozen yogurt at Avirate is absolutely delish. I had the Strawberry fro-yo, which was really milky and had the proper balance of sweet and tanginess.


The chocolate cupcake I tried was really delicious. The cake was moist and excessively chocolatey, and the frosting was very decadent.


I never knew that chocolate and cinnamon makes a good combination, until I had the Cinnamon Roll at Avirate Cafe. I’m not big on Cinnamon flavor, but this one took me by surprise. The fresh, crunchy roll had a strong taste of cinnamon, and I really liked way the pours chocolate syrup all over it.


The service at Avirate Cafe is really pleasant. The staff members are friendly, polite and welcoming.


Avirate Cafe is a good place to hangout if you are with a small crowd, or a book. They have got good food, nice milkshakes and definitely some amazing fro-yo.

Avirate Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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