Lil’ Orbits

Lil’ Orbits is a small outlet located at far left corner of the Majestic City food court is a great place that you can grab a quick bite. Their biggest attraction is the Mini doughnuts.

Food and Drinks


The mini doughnuts at Lil’ Orbits are quite good. I like them because they are fresh, and warmly served. The dough is very soft, which is also a plus point. For around Rs.300, you can get a 12 pack of them, wrapped in icing sugar. They also serve a dipping sauce of your choice.


I always go for the chocolate dipping sauce. It has a nice chocolate taste, and less sugar. The only flaw is that this dipping sauce gets frozen within few minutes.


Lil’ Orbits serve a range of Milkshakes, and by far Blueberry one is my favorite. It has the proper balance between the sugar and light sourness of blueberry flavor. So even though you are not much of a “sweet toothed” person, this is a drink that you can truly cherish.


The Frosties at Lil’ Orbits are delightful. It is basically a vanilla milkshake with your favorite chocolate and biscuit flavors. They serve Twix, Mars, Ferrero Rocher, Snickers. Nutella and Oreo Frosties under this.

My personal favorite is the Snickers Frostie, which is just the treat for Snickers chocolate lovers. This drink is really creamy, and an ideal one for a hot day. You can even taste the grand peanuts on the top of the foam.


It is true that Lil’ Orbits takes a long time to serve food, but they are totally worth the wait.


Lil’ Orbits dishes out some savory items as well. Burgers, wraps and submarines come under this. I have not quite tasted them, but from what I have heard, they still need improving.

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