Rio Ice Cream

As I see it , Jaffna-ites may be the most “sweet thoothed” people in Sri Lanka since they have not one, but two huge Ice Cream parlours; Rio and Lingan. I was thrilled to hear that Rio Ice Cream is coming to Colombo, because I always wanted to try those legendary ice cream so badly. After they settled at Marine Drive, I have visited them more than twenty times and here is what I think about them.


Rio Ice Cream is located at Marine Drive, Wellawatte. They have a limited parking space, but do not let that ruin your hopes about Rio. Both indoor and outdoor seating options are available here.

The Ice Cream

The menu at Rio is pretty wide, and their ice cream portions are very generous in comparison to the price tag. Other than ice cream, Rio serves fruit juices, Falooda and coffee.


The “Rio special ice cream” is my personal favorite at Rio. It contains two vanilla scoops side by side, strawberry and chocolate toppings on top, garnished with chocolate chips, pebbles, curl wafers, cherries and cashew nuts. Unlike yellowish vanilla ice cream we usually get, Rio has white coloured vanilla ice cream.


The “Five Flavoured Jumbo” is just the one made for fruity ice cream lovers. This comes with five scoops of fruity flavoured ice cream, such as mango, blueberry, strawberry and lemon etc. They rarely add chocolate to this combination. This one is garnished with jelly, custard, cashew nuts, pebbles, and also fruit salad.


The “Blueberry Sundae” is quite popular among the Rio customers. The purplish color of this sundae is really pleasing to the eye, and I absolutely love that slight sour taste it has. It gets better with the blueberry topping.


The “Vanilla Sundae” at Rio pure white like a pile of snow, and the chocolate syrup on it makes it heavenly. Sometimes they use cashew nuts to garnish it.


Rio has the most sweetened fruit and nut ice cream I have had so far. It’s not bad, but it lacks fruity pieces.


The service can get crummy when the place is crowded, which is almost every evening. Once the order is ready they call upon the order number mentioned in the bill. So keep your eyes and ears on it, because otherwise you might have to eat melted ice cream.


I have heard so many debating ideas about Rio ice cream, calling them artificial and too sweet, but as I believe they deserve some credit. Their quality does not stand as Carnival or Baskin-Robbins, but the their portion sizes, presentation and the pricing are quite admirable.

Rio ice cream is one of the legendary ice cream parlours in Sri Lanka. In my opinion, you will not feel like you have lived, if you have not tried Rio at least for once.

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